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How To Clean Venetian Blinds?

Apr 16 2021

Spring is a perfect time to deep clean your house. The start of the new season motivates us to redecorate and organise our living spaces. Many of us forget about cleaning our window coverings. Just like all the other surfaces in the house, they need to be cleaned from time to time.  That's why in this blog series we will provide you with some guidance and tips on how to clean your blinds. In the last blog post, we wrote about Vertical Blinds and today we will concentrate on Venetian Blinds.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are a practical and durable window covering solution for various rooms in the house. The blind is made of horizontal slats that are great for flexible light control but also gather dust and require cleaning. Venetian Blinds might need more frequent cleaning than other blind types such as Roller or Vertical Blinds. On the other hand, the cleaning process of Venetian Blinds is fast and easy, especially when done on a regular basis. At Your Blinds Direct, we currently supply Faux Wood Venetian Blinds and Aluminum Venetian Blinds. Real Wood Blinds are also a popular choice for Venetian Blinds but they require special care.

White Venetian Blind  

How to quickly clean Venetian Blinds?

To quickly clean your Venetian Blinds, you can dust them with a feather duster. Close the blind and start from the top of the blind and make your way down to the bottom. Clean each slat having your blind open and then close it and clean again on the other side. Make sure you wipe your slats from both sides so there is no dust left. Once you dust all the slats from the first layer of dust you can repeat the same process using a damp cloth. Make sure that the cloth is not too wet so your blind will dry faster. A microfiber cloth will do a great job but you could also use a venetian blind cleaner that is designed to effectively clean your horizontal slats. Afterwards, you can also wipe horizontal slats with a paper towel to make sure that the blind is completely dry.

Grey Venetian blinds in kitchen

How to deep clean Venetian Blinds?

After you wipe the dust from a blind and there are stains or marks left on the slats, use a mild detergent to clean it. We would recommend using either a water and dish soap mixture (1:1) or water and white vinegar mixture (1:1) to clean your Aluminum and Faux Wood Blinds. Real Wood Venetian Blinds require different cleaning products as wood is more delicate and venture to damage. If you have Real Wood Blinds, please double-check with the manufacturer how to clean them. We would recommend a slightly damp cloth and using no detergents as it might warp wooden slats. You could also use products that are specially designed to clean wooden surfaces as they won't leave any stains on the slats.

If you have Venetian Blinds with decorative tapes, there is no option to take off the tapes to clean them. To keep your tapes clean try to dust them as often as needed. If you notice any stains on your fabric tapes, then use a mixture of water and light detergent and wipe the fabric.

Venetian Blinds in children's bedroom

Can I use a hoover to clean Venetian Blinds?

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution, you can use a hoover to clean your horizontal slats. However, we would only recommend it if you have an upholstery brush attachment. If you use a hoover without the attachment you will risk scratching and distorting your blinds. Be gentle and clean your blinds on a low setting so you won’t warp the slats.

Pink blinds in kitchen

How often should I clean Venetian Blinds?

Dusting your blinds with a dusting brush should be a part of your weekly cleaning routine. That way, you will keep your blinds looking good. You should deep clean your Venetian Blinds twice a year to make sure there is no dirt or stains. In rooms that have more spillages and dust, you might need to deep clean them more often.

Blue Venetian Blinds in Bathroom

Should I clean my Venetian Blinds in a bath?

 Cleaning Venetian Blind in a bath is a popular solution but we would not recommend it. Placing a blind in a bath might damage the blind's mechanism and it's a time-consuming task. Cleaning the blind with water and detergent should be enough to keep your blind clean and looking good.

Venetian blinds in home office  

We hope that this post explained to you how to clean Venetian Blinds. If you need any more guidance or have any questions in regard to how to clean your blinds please leave us a comment or send us an email at support@yourblindsdirect.co.uk

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