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How To Clean Vertical Blinds?

Apr 08 2021

The spring has approached and with (hopefully!) last weeks of lockdown, now it’s a perfect time to deep clean your house. Many of us remember to clean windows every season, but what about the blinds? Like anything else, they will need a clean from time to time. We know it might seem like a time-consuming task that you are putting off your to-do list. That’s why in this blog post series we will share with you some tips and tricks on how to clean your blinds correctly and hopefully motivate you to deep clean your window coverings.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are a popular choice for window coverings, especially for large windows and patios. The blind is made of vertical fabric slats and controlled by a chain or wand. Generally, vertical slats are made of fabric, however, you might also see them as aluminium or wooden. Today, we will focus on how to clean fabric Vertical Blinds as they are the most popular types in the UK. Vertical Blinds are easier to maintain clean than most blind types since the dust don't pick up much on hanging slats. However, over time you might notice that your slats look a bit dirty.

How to quickly clean fabric Vertical Blinds?

If your blinds are not very dirty or you just want to give them a quick clean there is no need to detach hanging slats. Start with dusting each fabric slat so you will get rid of the external layer of dust. A hoover with an upholstery brush attachment might be useful and will effectively remove the dust from your vertical slat. Be gentle and start from the headrail area and work your way down. After removing the dust, wipe the fabric with a damp wet cloth. The microfiber cloth will work great and remove dirt from the fabric. Most of the times, it should be enough to keep your Vertical Blinds looking good.

How to deep clean fabric Vertical Blinds?

In short, don't. Many websites will tell you that you can roll them up and use a washing machine, this will damage them. Other sites claim that washing them by hand in the bath can help, this might be better than the washing machine, but still, we wouldn't advise this. The far better way is to replace the damaged slats with replacements. It's really not that expensive to change just the fabric and it gives you the opportunity to update the style of your room.

Never introduce the headrail of your Vertical Blind to water as you will not be able to dry the internals and it will rust.

How often should I clean Vertical Blinds?

Try to keep dusting your blinds monthly or more often if needed. Having animals or living near a busy street might require more frequent cleaning. If you include cleaning your blinds into the routine with your other tasks it will become a habit that won’t take that much time.

How should I remove mould from my blinds?

If you noticed a mould on your blinds you need to immediately clean it as it is dangerous for your health. There are various detergents available specifically for mould removal, but we cannot recommend that you use any of these as they may contain chemicals that will discolour or damage your fabric. The safest method for fabric cleaning is water-based baby wipes. Clean your blinds rubbing the fabric gently in small circles. If the mould doesn't come off fabric we would advise you to replace the mouldy slats.

Can I use a steamer to clean Vertical Blinds?

If done with caution, using a steamer might be a quick and effective way to clean your Vertical Blinds. However, it is not something we would generally advise. We would only recommend it if you can control the temperature of the steam. If the steam is too hot, it might damage the fabric. Therefore, use it only if you can choose low-temperature steam and make sure you won’t hold it for too long in a certain area as it might damage the fabric. Always check the fabric information before you will start steaming it.


We hope that you are now confident about how to clean your Vertical Blinds.  If you have any more questions leave us a comment or send us an email and we will get back to you.

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