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Made-To-Measure Blinds Vs Ready-Made Blinds

Jun 03 2021

Thinking about buying a new blind for your home? Then you've probably came across made-to-measure and ready-made window coverings. You might be wondering what the major differences between those two are. In today post we will compare made-to-measure vs ready-made products, so you will be confident which one to choose for your home.

Ready-made blinds or 'Cut down blinds' are mass-produced blinds that come a small range of popular sizes and lengths. Off the shelfs blinds are ready to install straight away if the size is correct. If you can’t find the blind in the size of your window, then you will have to cut it down.

Made-to-measure blinds are custom blinds, made to your exact measurements. No cutting or altering required, fits first time. Before ordering your blind, you will need to measure your window and the blind will be made to your specification to ensure a perfect fit.


Ready-made window dressings are produced in a high quantites, so you will find them at low prices. They also tend to use the cheapest components possible. Made-to-measure products tend to be more expensive, as the costs of the product itself include the costs of labour and high-quality materials. On the other hand, they are a great investment and generally are a far better quality. The prices of bespoke window coverings vary depending on the blind type, materials and whether it includes a fitting service. It can cost around £100 extra to have someone come in and fit the blind for you. Many customers are not aware that measuring and fitting blinds is a simple process and doesn't require any advanced skills. If you follow our instructions and videos available online, you will easily install your new blinds at no extra cost.

Your Blinds Direct is a manufacturer so we are able to cut the middleman prices and most of our products are cheaper than other bespoke blind companies. Our blinds are one of the low-priced on the market whilst being high-quality. Browse our website today and shop our blinds from as little as £7.90

Whiite roller blinds in the bathroom


Depending on your window size, the price and availability of ready-made window coverings might be limited. Mass-produced blinds are generally suitable for small to medium-sized windows. If you have a window that is not a ‘regular’ size, you will have to cut your blind. While this is a fairly simple process, there is no guarantee that your blind will fit perfectly, and you might end up damaging it. A made-to-measure product is always a safer option as the blind is made to your exact specification to ensure a perfect fit.

Ready-made products come not only with a limited choice of sizes but also with narrow fabric styles. If you are looking for a specific shade or pattern, then with made-to-measure products you have more choices available. Before ordering your blind, you can always order some free samples to find the right shade for you. At Your Blinds Direct, our sample packs include a quick measuring guide so you can easily measure your window. Delivered by first class royal mail, you will receive your samples within 3 working days.

Many people don’t realise the variety of choices when it comes to window dressings. Roller blinds and vertical blinds are some of the most popular ready-made blinds. If you are looking for a less popular blind type such as vision blinds or allusion blinds then bespoke blind companies will give you more options.

Vision Blind in the kitchen


When buying a ready-made product there is generally no option to customise it. Purchasing a blind directly from a manufacturer gives you the possibility to personalise your order so it suits your style. For example, adding the black tapes to your white faux wood blind will create a stunning finish.

Your Blinds Direct is an SME family-owned business. We believe that one of our biggest advantages over other brands is the fact that we can customise most of our blinds according to the exact expectations of our customers. Whether it’s the control side, colour of the chain or motorised, we got you covered!

White blinds with a black tapes


Time is usually one of the major factors why homeowners decide to buy ready-made products. Available to purchase and fit straight away, they are a fast and simple way to cover your window. Many customers assume that made to measure products take weeks or months to make. While this might be the case with some blind types, the majority is made in a short period of time. At Your Blinds Direct, most of our products have a 10-14 working days lead time.

White Allusion Blind

We hope that this post will help you to make the decision on which window dressing to buy. Made-to-measure blinds are a great investment and come with a wide choice of fabric and style to suit your needs. If you need any advice on a specific blind type, don't hesitate to contact us.

At Your Blinds Direct, all of our blinds come with a guarantee so you can be sure that you get the highest quality product. Take a look at our website here for a huge selection of blinds styles, and order your free samples today.