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Roller Blinds Buying Guide

Apr 26 2021

Roller Blinds are one of the most popular blind types in the UK. They are affordable, easy to use and look great in various rooms of the house. In this blog post, we will answer some of the most popular questions regard to Roller Blinds and hopefully convince you that they are a great window covering for your home.

What is a Roller Blind?

Roller Blind is a window covering made from one piece of fabric. The blind is generally operated by a chain, but you can also choose to motorise it. Roller Blinds come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. From blackout to dimout, there are various types of Roller Blind fabric that you can choose from. At Your Blinds Direct most of our Vertical Blind fabrics are available in the Roller Blind option too so you keep the same style while having different blind types.

When ordering a Roller Blind, you can either choose standard or forward roll as the option for how you want your fabric to roll. Standard Roll means that the fabric rolls from the rear of the blind, this is a great solution if you are fitting the blind inside a recess and want the fabric as close to the glass as possible. Also if you are fitting on the outside of a recess standard roll will help reduce light gaps. Forward Roll is useful when fitting inside a recess or on the face of doors, as the fabric will generally glide over any protruding window handles.

Roller Blinds are easy to fit and operate. When raised, the blind lets the light fully in and the fabric roll tightly inside the optional fascia or cassette. When lowered, the blind covers the whole window space and gives you privacy. Roller Blinds come with a plastic chain as standard, and the options to choose a metal one or go motorised.

When ordering a blind, you can choose to have it operated from the left or right. Chain operation let you manually roll the blind up and down and control the amount of light coming into the room. All of our Roller Blinds come with child safety devices that attach the chain to the wall so your child won’t get tangled in it.

Blue Roller Blinds in bathroom

Where to use Roller Blinds?

Roller Blinds are known as a practical and affordable window covering option that is suitable for almost any room of the house. They come in a wide variety of patterns and colours and can easily transform your space.  The blind's fabric is like a huge canvas that can add a pop of colour, interesting pattern or blend into your interior.

Blackout Roller Blinds have a special coating on the back that stops the light coming through the fabric. That’s why they are a perfect solution for bedrooms, children’s rooms and nurseries. Here, you can find our previous blog post here where we talk all about blackout blinds. Dimout fabrics are great for sunny rooms in the house that need light and privacy.

Modern Roller Blinds

At Your Blinds Direct, we have a wide selection of Roller Blinds that are perfect for children’s rooms and bedrooms. From Disney Princesses to Star Wars fans, you will surely find something that suits your child’s interests. Colourful blinds will add some personality to your child’s room and blackout fabric will ensure a good night sleep.

Disney Princess Blackout Roller Blind

Star Wars Roller Blind

Some Roller Blinds are also suitable for bathrooms. We would especially recommend fabrics made from waterproof, PVC material. These blinds are perfect for moisture-rich areas and will be moisture resistant, allowing the fabric to stay in a better condition compared to a standard fabric in the same location.  For example, our Sailboat Blackout Blue Roller Blind or Quackers Blackout Blue Roller Blind will add some character to your space and look amazing in plain bathrooms.

Waterproof Roller Blind in bathroom

Most of the fabrics available on our website are made from polyester material so they can be carefully wipe cleaned. Therefore, we would also recommend them for the kitchen areas. Our colourful Roller Blinds can transform the look of your kitchen and are easy to maintain clean. Check out our cleaning guide for Roller Blinds here.

Kitchen Roller Blinds

Motorised Option

Our Electric Roller Blinds are an affordable solution for any modern home. You can raise and lower your blind with a touch of a button, smartphone app or voice command. At Your Blinds Direct, our motorised Roller Blinds are supplied with Louvolite second-generation remotes that are compatible with the Louvolite Home Hub.  Please note that Louvolite motors are not compatible with the Powershade remotes, which are supplied with the Senses Roller Blinds.  Our Powershade and Louvolite remotes can connect your Hub to Alexa or Google Home devices so you can control your blinds with a simple voice command. If you need any more information about motorised blinds check it here.

Motorised Roller Blinds are the perfect solution for windows that are placed in hard-to-reach areas of the house. The blind also comes without any unnecessary cords or chains, so it is also a complete child safe solution. Motorised blinds can also increase the security of your house as you can lower and raise them from any place.

As another alternative to chain, you can also choose to have your Roller Blind operated by the fixed One Touch wand. The magic wand is battery powered and placed on the side of the blind. The Louvolite One Touch wand uses AA batteries and is suitable for windows that are less than 2m wide.

Brown Roller Blinds

Measuring and Fitting

Made to measure Roller Blinds are very easy to fit and operate. You don’t need any advanced skills or knowledge to install your new blinds. Check out our simple, step by step measuring and fitting instructions here and transform your room with no hustle!

Roller Blinds in kitchen

Your Blinds Direct is a leading UK manufacturer of beautiful made-to-measure window blinds, serving customers nationwide. Take a look at our website here for a huge selection of blinds styles, materials, and designs.


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