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Same Fabric, Different Styles

Sep 17 2017

If you have a large room with different sized windows then you may be interested in our collection of fabrics that can be used for made to measure Roller blinds, Vertical blinds and Pleated Blinds. This allows you to perfectly co-ordinate your windows while choosing the best blind style for each size and shape of window.

This versatile collection comes in a range of beautiful shades, textures and patterns, giving you a huge amount of choice when it comes to decorating your room.

For larger windows you may want to select Verticals, while Pleated and Rollers would be more suitable for standard sized windows. This is especially useful if the room that you are decorating has a patio door - many modern flats now combine the lounge and kitchen area, giving you many different sized windows to take into consideration. Our collection means that you won't have to worry about matching colours as your blinds can be perfectly co-ordinated.

The Collina blind is one of our favourites. Not only does it come as both Roller and Vertical, it's also energy-saving and blackout and comes in four sophisticated colour options. Click on the images above to learn more.

Some of our ranges offer the option of Roller, Vertical and Pleated blinds in the same fabric for even more versatility. Check out the Aura, Open Linen and Strata Collections above.

If you're looking for plain blinds then check out our fantastic Carnival collection (also pictured at the top of the page). Not only can you select between Roller and Vertical but also between standard and blackout shading. The fabric comes in a wide range of fashionable colours and has high performance properties, including being wipe-clean, flame-resistant, antibacterial and energy-saving.