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The Best Blinds For Your Kitchen

Feb 20 2019

The Best Blinds For Your Kitchen

When it comes to choosing the perfect blind for your kitchen there are lots of different factors you must consider. Of course, every kitchen is slightly different from the next which is why opting for a made to measure blind usually works best. Yet, that’s not the only thing you must decide on.

The position of your kitchen window might dictate the type of blind you require. If you’re close to street level you might want some more privacy, or if your blinds are near a sink you might opt for a blind which is easier to clean

As there are so many possibilities, let’s take a look at some of the best blinds for your kitchen.

1. For Easy Cleaning

The kitchen is known to be the room to be at house gatherings. For some reason, everyone gravitates there. However, as much as kitchens are popular places to party, they’re best used for cooking. With cooking comes humidity, steam, spills and more. All of which can damage your blinds if they’re not taken care of.

Materials to try and avoid in this environment are real wood and aluminium. Especially if your window space looks over a sink. Any water droplets on the blind can absorb into the wood and cause it to warp or rot. Instead, we suggest using our Faux Wood Venetian Blinds which can withstand moist condition.

White Faux Wood Blind kitchen

Captured Product: Sunwood True Faux Wood Venetian Blind.

Although under normal dry conditions, Aluminium Venetian Blinds can provide you with a long-lasting blind that is super easy to maintain. Unlike other blinds, you don’t have to take these down during the cleaning process. Instead, you can tackle them as they hang, using a Feather Duster. Check out our cleaning guide here.

Blue Venetian Blinds kitchen  
Tip: Try to avoid blinds made from real wood when choosing the kitchen blind. Faux Wood Venetian Blinds and Aluminium Blinds are one of your best bets for keeping them clean and looking in top condition over time.

2. For Optimal Privacy

Another factor that is highly important to the majority of homeowners is having good levels of privacy. During the day you may want your window space to pour in the light, however in the evening, having your neighbours nosey at you whilst you’re cooking tea or washing the dishes, isn’t desirable.

To help ensure you gain optimal levels of privacy we suggest using a Roller Blind. Different from our selection of Venetian, Vision or Vertical Blinds, the Roller Blind offers you complete privacy with it being a single sheet of fabric.

The multiple breaks in the other blind types allow both light and sight into the house more so than a Roller Blind, making it the best choice.

 We stock various types of roller blind including patterned, textured, striped, border pattern and a selection of children’s roller blinds.

Pastel Green Roller Blind Kitchen

Captured Product: Palette Spring Roller Blind

3. For Increased Levels of Light

Opposite to Roller Blinds, Vision Blinds are designed with various breaks in the fabric that offer you light filtration similar to that of a Venetian blind. However, Vision blinds are made with a double layer of fabric which can be quickly aligned to allow more or less light to filter in the room.

The Vision blind is a great contemporary yet elegant option that allows you to easily control your light levels without compromising your privacy.

Despite this, we recommend it best for a kitchen that overlooks a garden or when positioned where there are fewer passersby. This will ensure that when positioned to increase light levels in the room, it won’t cause issues with privacy.

The Best Blinds For Your Kitchen

Captured Product: Capri Paradise Green Vision Blind

4. For Quick Adjusting

In some cases, you’ll want to be able to raise and lower your blind without having to physically get up and pull the cord or chain. That’s where our motorised blinds come into play.

By incorporating these motorised blinds into your kitchen it means you have the ability to operate your blinds from a fair distance away with a simple press of a button. For 2019 you can now operate multiple blinds directly from your smartphone with a small optional hub.

For child safety, motorised blinds are one of the best solutions available. They have no dangling cords, wires or chains for toddlers and children to reach out and grab.

Did you know? Our motorised products are fully encased inside the roller tube, meaning that it takes up no extra space than a standard chain control. Absolutely no ugly external battery packs to try and hide.


Captured Product: Banlight Duo FR MandarinMotorised roller blinds in open plan living area

Captured Product: Banlight Duo FR Mandarin

5. For Dramatic Colour

Of course, every style of blind that we provide comes in a whole array of colours. From pinks, creams, oranges, blues to black in Roller Blinds, Venetian blinds, Vision blinds and more. There are plenty of colours and patterns to choose that can be bespoke made in the blind style you require.

However, by adding a Roller Blind to your window, the single sheet of fabric enables you to incorporate the largest pop of colour to your room as opposed to the other blind styles.

Green Roller Blind

Captured Product: Banlight Duo FR Fresh Apple


By knowing the best blind for your kitchen, you can easily update this popular living space without spending excessive amounts on changing kitchen cabinets and other furniture. Plus, you’ll get a great practical solution that caters to your every need as a homeowner.

You can browse our extensive range of high-quality, made to measure blinds by visiting the homepage.

Contact our experts with any questions about our blinds.

Did you know? Each blind we manufacture has been manufactured by experts to specific industry standards so that they qualify as child safe blinds.