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Style Advice for your Kitchen

Sep 29 2022

If you gravitate towards a certain interior style, then hopefully today's post can help you on your kitchen journey. Whether you are into bohemian or mid-century modern decor, we hope to inspire you! If you are looking for kitchen blind specifics, then head to our previous blog post on “what are the best kitchen blinds” as this post is more of a style guide.

Let’s get into it!

Minimalist/Japandi Kitchen

When it comes to a minimalist/Japandi kitchen it is all about avoiding the clutter. Clear worktops with everything (even appliances) living in cupboards. Regarding colour, keep it neutral. Sticking to whites, greys, and blacks for your cabinet and wall colours creates a calm space that aligns with the Japandi décor style. Lastly, minimalism is also about functionality. Having less, in terms of items within the kitchen is also essential to keep your space streamlined. The blinds featured below embody this interior style. Left to right is our Bamboo Optic White Roller, Horizon Pewter Allusion, Beam Maple Senses Mirage, and our Orion Fine Grain Faux Wood.

Style Advice for your Kitchen

Maximalist Kitchen


More colour the better! Clashing and collecting are top tips for creating that maximalist kitchen of your dreams. The complete opposite of minimalism, this style of décor is all about using a range of textures within the space. Think about wallpaper or using vibrant tiles within the space! Anything goes with maximalist décor! Here is a range of blinds that we think would look amazing within your colourful space. Banlight duo Fr Blue vertical, Lima Olive Roman, Palette Iris Roller and lastly our Berry Smoothie Perfect Fit.

Style Advice for your Kitchen  

Modern Traditional Kitchen

More Style Advice for your Kitchen! Known to be a very functional style of kitchen with keeping up to date with the times. In a modern traditional kitchen, you will find panelled cupboards door with traditional handles. Potential to have some open shelving to showcase your kitchen décor. A timeless kitchen style to go for as the design never changes. Closer to the maximalist family in the sense that anything goes. Just a bit more toned down when it comes to colour choices. The perfect blinds to match your modern traditional kitchen are featured below, Mirage fine grain faux wood, Torridon Vintage roman, Sienna Grey vertical and lastly, our cypress Ivory Oak roller.

Style Advice for your Kitchen  

Mid Century Modern Kitchen

One of the main features of a mid-century modern kitchen is the use of wood within the space. This style of décor is seen as retro which also encourages the use of colour in the space. Using coloured or patterned tiles brings a modern touch to the classic, already established, mid-century style. Don’t be shy to use a floral wallpaper in the space either! To match this trend we recommend our Vista Snow Allusion, Nixon Sunshine Roman, Banlight Duo FR Ocean Roller and finally our Dark Beige Venetian blind.


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