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The Best Blinds For Hay Fever Sufferers

Jul 06 2021

Warm days, full of sunshine is what we are all looking for every summer. However, with almost one-fourth of the population suffering from hay fever, summer also means itchy eyes and sneezing. In the UK, the amount of pollen in the air peaks from May to September. Having the right blind at home can not only keep the heat out of your house but also decrease the amount of pollen inside. In today’s blog post we will feature blind types that we would recommend for hay fever sufferers.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are affordable and easy to operate blind type. The blind is made of a piece of fabric that can be easily folded up and down. We would recommend them for homeowners suffering from hay fever because they won’t gather as much dust and pollen as other blind types. This blind type is also easy to clean. Roller blinds are available in various fabric options. The majority of products available on our website are made from polyester. These blinds are easy to clean with a damp cloth. If you are suffering from hay fever we would recommend wiping your blind once a day to remove pollen that stuck to it overnight.

We would also advise having your window closed in the evening and morning. That's when the amount of pollen in the air is the highest. If you want to keep your window open during the daytime, having a blind down will reduce the amount of pollen and dust entering the room. To enjoy the daylight we would recommend our voile roller blinds. The blinds will filter the sunlight to gentle light and block most of the pollen and dust.

  Pink roller blind in the kitchen

Captured product: Palette Dusk Senses Roller Blind

Some of the roller blinds available on our website are made from pollergen treated fabric. These blinds are specially designed for customers suffering from hay fever. The unique design of pollergen treated fabric captures and neutralises pollen entering the room. This fabric has been awarded by the British Allergy Foundation for its ability to help alleviate hay fever symptoms. Like all the other roller fabrics, pollergen can be easily wiped with a damp cloth.

Disney blinds in nursery

Captured product: Disney Classics Roller Blind

 Allusion Blinds

Allusion blinds are made from a combination of sheer and opaque fabric. This innovative blind type is designed so you can see the outside view while still maintaining some privacy. Allusion blinds are a great alternative to curtains and vertical blinds, as you can walk through it while having it drawn closed. The unique texture of the fabric will not only block the direct sunlight but also capture pollen and dust entering the room. That’s why we would recommend our Allusion blinds for customers with hay fever symptoms. All the Allusion blinds available on our website are made from polyester fabric which is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. Similarly, to roller blinds, we would recommend wiping your blind once a day to get rid of pollen stuck to the blind.

  White Allusion Blind Balcony Doors

Captured product: Vista Snow Allusion Blind

Venetian Blinds

If you love the classic style of horizontal slats and decided to buy venetian or faux wood blind, then don’t worry. Those blind types tend to gather a lot of dust, but they are also very easy to clean.

Aluminium venetian blinds are made from high-quality metal that is moisture resistant and durable. For sunny rooms of the house, we would recommend thermal venetian blinds. Those blinds reflect the sunlight and keep your room cooler in the summertime. The cool air inside the house will bring relief for any allergy sufferers and make it easier to sleep during hot summer nights. We would not recommend our perforated range as those blinds can accumulate the pollen inside the little holes and are not as fast and easy to clean as other venetian blinds.

Captured product: Cinnamon Venetian Blind

Our faux wood blinds are great for flexible light and privacy control. Available in a range of neutral colours to suit your style, they are a great addition to any room of the house. Faux wood blinds are a great alternative to real wood as they are moisture-resistant and durable. The blind is made from high-quality PVC material that is easy and fast to clean. Check out our venetian blinds cleaning guide here.

Ehite venetian blinds in monochromatic interior

Captured product: Sunwood True Faux Wood Blind with white tapes

To sum up, we would recommend roller, allusion and venetian blinds for allergy sufferers. Those blinds are easy and fast to clean. We would not recommend binds that are made from material that accumulate dust such as roman blinds.

In weeks when the pollen is most active, we would recommend closing your windows in the morning and in the evening. Having your blinds shut will not only reduce noise levels but also lower the temperature of the room and help you to get better sleep. Try to ventilate your room while having your blind down to filter the dust and pollen coming into the room.

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