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The Best Blinds For Your Student Accomodation

Oct 08 2021

The new academic year for university students has recently started. With the majority of classes being online last academic year, this coming term vast majority of students is finally coming back to campuses. No matter if you return to student accommodation or to a shared house it is important to make your new room feel like home. Many student accommodations are decorated on a low budget and do not have any blinds which can make it difficult for you to sleep. As a student, you probably don't have a 9-5 working schedule so it is important that your room have a window covering that suits your needs. Today we will give you some tips on how to choose the right blind for your student accommodation with still having a budget in mind.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds are a great choice if you can’t make any holes in your walls. This blind comes with a frame that simply clips to your window so no drill is required. The installation of these blinds is also very fast and easy so it is perfect for busy students and renters. Our Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds will also give you great control over the light coming into the room. Although this blind type is not fully blackout, the blind won’t let much of the light in and will still create an atmosphere suitable for sleeping. Our PF Venetian blinds have a unique feature, that our cord holes are hidden behind the frame, unlike other companies. As the blinds are fitted directly to a window frame it will reduce the amount of light coming around the sides of your blind. This blind type is also very easy and quick to clean which is always a great advantage. At Your Blinds Direct, you can shop Perfect Fit Venetian blinds from only £24.99.

  Perfect Fit Venetian Blind

Captured product: Nightshade Perfect Fit Venetian Blind

Blackout Roller Blinds

If you love a midday power nap or often feel like sleeping in, good quality blackout blinds are necessary for your new room. We have a whole blog post designated to the blackout blinds that you can find here. For students, we would especially recommend blackout roller blinds as they are the most budget-friendly and very practical choice. Our prices start from as little as £9.26. Roller blinds are also available in different colours and patterns so you can easily add some personality to your room. From modern palm leaves to delicate dot patterns, at Your Blinds Direct, you will for sure find something that resonates with your style.

Roller blind study room

Captured product: Inky Charcoal Roller Blind

Cream roller blind in a bedroom                      

Captured product: Banlight Duo FR Linen Roller Blind

Day and Night/Vision/Mirage Blinds

Day and night blinds, also known as Vision blinds and Mirage blinds are the perfect choice for study rooms. This blind type gives you great control over light while also partially covering the view to give you some privacy. Natural light is known to increase productivity and with our Day and Night blinds, you can let the light in while having your blind down.

Mirage Blinds are also extremely stylish and can easily become a feature of your room. The unique design of this blind type will bring some attention to the window and enhance your interior. If you have a designed study space in your house or student accommodation and you know you will spend more than one semester, they are worth considering as a long-term investment.

Mirage blind in study room  

Captured product: Venture Sky Senses Mirage Blind with a silver cassette

Measuring and Fitting

Measuring for your new blinds is very easy if you follow our guide. When it comes to fitting for any blind other than Perfect Fit you will need a drill and fixings. The process of fitting each blind type is slightly different so make sure to follow the right instructions. If you don't own a drill and your parents can’t come and help, you can always hire a handyman that will fit your blinds. It is also worth talking to your landlord as he might consider investing in a good quality window covering.

Fitting the blinds drill

Moving out of the family home to your new student accommodation can be stressful. We hope that we made it easy for you to choose the right window blinds. If you have any more questions or need further advice, let us know. If you are looking for inspiration on how to decorate your room make sure to check out our Pinterest and Instagram pages.

Your Blinds Direct is a leading UK manufacturer of beautiful made-to-measure window blinds, serving customers nationwide. Take a look at our website here for a huge selection of blinds styles, materials, and designs.


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