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Your Easy Guide to Motorisation

The most common misconceptions about motorised technology are 'It's complicated to setup' or 'it's expensive'.
This may have been true 5 years ago, but we are here to help dispell those myths.
We have partnered with a great company called Louvolite who manufacture our motors.
Recently they have moved production to a new state of the art factory, which produces the upgraded Generation 2 motor.
The motors use wireless technology and are very simple to set up.

All of our motorised accessories can be viewed by clicking here or by seaching on our website the word 'Louvolite'

Useful FAQ's

Where are the batteries?
The motor is completely consealed inside the blind and the battery pack is inside the motor housing. The only part visable is the small programming/reset button.

How long does the charge last?
This all depends on the size of blind and the frequency of usage, but generally around 6 months.
Once the battery starts to run low the motor will emit a short bleep when operating.

How do I charge the motor?
A wall charger is supplied with the 'starter kit' and available as a seperate item as well. It's as simple as charging your phone.
Just plug the wall charger adaptor into the blind and after approximately 5 hours, the motor is fully charged.

What are the benifits to motorised blinds?
Ease of use, the ability to control them when you're away from home (Home Hub required), completely child safe (no cords or wires), ability to operate multiple blinds at the same time, greater control overall.

What are the size restrictions?
You can motorise any roller type blind that has a width between 522mm (52cm) and 2200mm (220cm)

What are the differences between the Louvolite Generation 1 and Generation 2 Motors?
Generation 1 motors are simple and functional, Generation 2 motors have a few new features (see section below)
If your not sure which Generation you have, just look at your motors program button. Gen 1 = RED button, Gen 2 = Smaller WHITE button

I already have some Generation 1 Louvolite motors, can they work together with the Generation 2?
Yes and No.
YES you can control ALL Generations of Louvolite motors through the Home Hub or via their own remotes.
NO you can't use a Gen 1 remote on a Gen 2 motor and visa versa.
BOTH Generation use the same wall charger

Can I still buy a Louvolite Generation 1 motor or charger?
On the website we are only supplying the new Generation 2 motor and accessiores, but we can still supply Generation 1 upon request (stock dependent)

What is included in the 'Starter Kit'?
Our 'Starter Kit' includes one of the new Generation 2 motors, a 6 channel touch sensitive remote and a wall charger.
If you want a different remote or don't require a charger, then you can select the 'Motor Only' option and then add the accessories you require seperately.

Motorised Features

Soft start and stop - The motor will gradually increase/decrease the speed when moving towards or away from one of its set limits.
Up to 6 automatic stopping points
- Once you set a top & bottom limit for the motor, an additional 4 intermediate locations can be set between the top and bottom limits.
Quieter and smooth than the previous generation
Able to connect to a Louvolite Home Hub for greater control and convience
If a Home Hub is connected then the blinds can be operated through Alexa via voice commands
Compact design, no unsightly cables or battery packs.

If you have any other questions about our motorised blinds, please contact us here.

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