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Best Blinds For Winter

Sep 07 2023

This year it feels like summer never really got started and before you know it, the colder months will be here with us again. That means it’s the perfect time to start planning on upgrading your home for winter with brand new blinds. Not only does adding blinds create a sanctuary of warmth and cosiness for your comfort and that of your family, but they could also improve your finances in the form of energy savings. Read on to find out more about how blinds are great for winter and the different styles we recommend at Your Blinds Direct to help you make your home both warmer and more energy-efficient. What are the best blinds for winter?

Are blinds good for winter?

As the winter months roll around, there are lots of ways we like to make things warm and inviting. Big blankets, plush cushions and a mug of your favourite hot beverage are all nice additions when you’re staying indoors a lot more, but did you know that your home loses around 18% of its heat through its windows? While there might not be a lot you can do about how your home was built and the materials its made from, you can add blinds to your windows to help you retain more heat. Blinds are great for adding an extra layer of insulation to your windows, especially when fitted within the frame to minimise gaps. Any additional material that covers your windows can help to reflect warmth back into the room, as well as prevent draughts and cold air from getting in. This keeps more of the heat you’re spending your hard-earned money on inside your room, lowering gas or electric bills over the winter period when compared to windows without blinds.  

What are the best blinds for insulation?

Now you know that blinds can offer more comfort and warmth - as well as saving on your bills - we thought we’d share some of the best blinds for insulation in the home:

Perfect fit thermal blinds

Your Blinds Direct offer a selection of Perfect fit thermal blinds for winter Not only do perfect fit blinds fit snugly into the recess of your windows, but they also come with a special thermal coating to help reflect the sun in summer and trap heat in winter. Style your living room with our Sterling Thermal Perfect Fit blind.

Roller blinds

Your Blinds Direct offers a wide range of roller blinds suitable for keeping warm this winter   A blind style that can cover the whole of your window in one simple fabric to give you greater insulating properties is the humble roller blind. It’s especially good in winter if you choose a blackout lining for a reduction in heat transfer. Our Polaris Blackout Cherry Blossom Senses roller blind is a fantastic option for a soft colour palette that evokes a sense of warmth.  

How to choose thermal fabrics

Whether you’re attempting to dress your living room, dining room or bedroom window, the style of your chosen blinds is only one of the factors that make for good insulation. The other key consideration is the thermal qualities of the fabric you choose, as there are specially designed materials that will perform better during winter when it comes to trapping warmer air in your home, while also blocking the cold air finding its way in. With this in mind, if you’re looking for a blind that can help you this coming winter, you should be looking at thermal blinds and blackout blinds. That’s because these materials will be manufactured for a higher level of thermal performance. You can also find a better thermal performance in real wood products, making wooden blinds and shutters another good option for the windows in your home in winter. How to choose thermal fabrics for your blinds this Winter - Your Blinds Direct Here at Your Blinds Direct, we stock a huge range of options for helping you to customise any room in your home. Whether you want insulating blinds to help with your energy bills this winter or something sleek to control privacy and lighting, you’ll find something to suit your décor in our high-quality range. We have over 30 years of experience in supplying blinds for customers across the UK and are always happy to help if you need more support in selecting the best blinds for your home this winter — simply browse our collection or call us today.