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Day and Night Roller Blinds Buying Guide

May 21 2021

Day and Night Roller blinds are an innovative window covering that gives you great control over light and privacy. They are also known as Zebra Blinds, Vision Blinds and Senses Mirage Blinds. This blind type is a popular choice for sunny rooms in the house. In today’s post, we will share with you some information about this amazing blind type and feature some of our favourite products available on our website.

What is a Day and Night blind?

A Day and Night blind is a window covering made of a single layer of opaque and translucent fabric strips, folded back on itself. As the rear part of the fabric slides under the front you can control the amount of light coming into the room. The unique design of this blind allows you to let in the light and enjoy the outside view while maintaining optimal privacy. You can also raise and lower the blind for either full view or complete privacy. Day and Night blinds combine the simple operation of a Roller Blind with light filtering similar to Venetian Blinds. As standard, all of our Day and Night blinds come with a chain operation, but you can also choose to motorise them.

Black Day and Night Blind in the living room

 Vision Blinds

Day and Night Blinds white interior

Vision Blinds are made from Louvolite's fabric collection, they are known for contemporary design and stunning fabric options. Available in a wide range of neutral and vibrant colours, our blinds feature natural woodweave effects, metallic sheen or versatile plain materials. Motorised Vision Blinds are an affordable solution for any modern home. At Your Blinds Direct, all of our motorised Vision Blinds come with Louvolite remotes. If connected to the additional Home Hub, you can also operate your blind using a voice command or with a smartphone app. Please note that all of our Vision Blinds are only operated by Louvolite remotes and are not compatible with Powershade remotes.

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Senses Mirage Blinds

Senses Mirage Blind in the kitchen

Senses Mirage blinds from the Eclipse fabric collection, are a modern and practical type of Day and Night blinds. They are operated the same way as Vision blinds but come with a choice of modern curved facia and bottom bar, available in five colours to suit your style. At Your Blinds Direct, we have a wide range of Senses Mirage blind fabrics, available in patterned or plain fabric options.

Motorised blinds are a luxury addition to your space. All of our electric Senses Mirage blinds come with Powershade remotes. If you want to control your blind with a voice command or a smartphone app you can connect your blind to a Powershade Smart Controller. Please note that motorised Senses Mirage blinds are only operated by Eclipse Powershade remotes and are not compatible with Louvolite remotes.

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What are the benefits of Day and Night blinds?

Vision blinds and Senses Mirage blinds are great window coverings for a number of reasons. Their biggest advantage over the other blind types is a flexible light and privacy control. The unique design of the blind allows you to let the light in a similar way to Venetian blind with the operation of a Roller blind.

Day and Night Blinds are also easy to maintain clean. The blind won't gather as much dust as Venetian Blind and doesn't require frequent cleaning. Day and Night blind is made of fabric that can be easily cleaned using baby wipes or damp cloth. We would not recommend using hoover to clean your Day and Night blinds as the fabric is very delicate and might get damaged.

Vision and Senses Mirage blinds have also some thermal qualities that are a great advantage over other blind types. A double layer of fabric will increase the thermal efficiency of window covering. In the winter, the blind will help to keep the heat inside the room, whereas in the summertime it will keep your room cool. Therefore, these blinds can save you some money on energy bills.

Lastly, Day and Night blinds are a stylistic addition to any room. The unique design of this blind will stand out in the modern interior and bring some attention to the window.

Cream Day and Night Blind in bedroom

Are Day and Night Blinds Blackout?

Day and Night blind made from blackout fabric will still have the sunlight slightly leaking out from the sides of the blind. That's why would not call it a fully blackout blind. If you are not very sensitive to light changes then we would recommend placing our Day and Night blinds in the bedroom. To bock as much light as you can, we would recommend our blackout fabric range such as Siena or Rimini.

Styles of Day and Night Blinds

Day and Night blinds come in different colours and patterns to suit your style. The blind will add a modern touch to your space and add some interest to plain interiors. The unique design and texture of a blind will add dimension and interest to the window space.

Cream Day and Night Blind dining room

Our Capri Stone is a beautiful Vision blind in a versatile, cream colour that will suit light interiors.

Day and Night Blind in conservatory

Vision blinds are also a perfect solution for conservatories. The blind will gently filter the sunlight to more natural light while also allowing you to see the outside view.

Red Senses Mirage Blind in the dining room

Day and Night blinds in vibrant colours can become a statement piece in your space. For example, our Allure Scarlet Senses Mirage blind will add a modern touch to your interior.

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