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Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds Buying Guide

Aug 27 2021

Perfect Fit blinds are specifically designed to be fitted to any UPVC window frame. This innovative blind type is an extremely popular choice for customers with bi-fold, french and patio doors. The blind clip directly to your window frame, so it’s a great covering for windows where space is limited. In today’s post, we will feature some of the benefits of Perfect Fit blinds so you can be sure that it's the right blind type for your space. Perfect Fit blinds come in many styles including Perfect Fit Roller Blinds, Perfect Fit Pleated but in today’s post we will concentrate on Aluminium Perfect Fit blinds as that's the only type we currently offer.

What are Perfect Fit Blinds?

Perfect Fit blinds are a trademarked name to signify that only official quality components have been used. The name relates to a blind type that is housed inside a frame and designed to clip to windows with a gasket. They are the easiest blinds to install since there are no screws or drills required. To install your blind, you simply need to slide a few small brackets inside the seal/gasket between the frame and window. We would recommend this blind type for bi-folds, patio doors and conservatories, but Perfect Fit blinds will look good in any room of the house.

What are the benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds?

If you want to create the illusion of extra space, Perfect Fit blinds are well.....Perfect. With a slim profile fitting seamlessly to your window frame you gain the entirety of your window sill back.

The major advantage of this blind type is an easy and fast installation. The blind comes with all the necessary brackets so you can easily fit them into your windows straight away. It takes less than 10 min to place the blind in a window, it’s a very simple process. The blind is clipped into the window frame so you don't have to worry about damaging your walls. That’s why it’s a perfect solution for renters that need shading but can’t make any holes in the wall.

Perfect Fit venetian blinds are also completely child safe. To operate the blind you simply raise and lower the bottom bar using the attached handle. When using the Venetian version, to control the amount of light coming into the room, you can tilt the slats using a clear child-safe wound. The blind doesn't have any loose cords or chains that you would have to worry about.

Perfect Fit blinds are attached directly to the window frame so the amount of light coming through the window is reduced and your privacy increased. Due to the small distance between a blind and a window, this blind type has also some thermal qualities.

Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds are a great choice for various rooms of the house. Available in a wide range of neutral and vibrant colours, our Perfect Fit venetian blinds are stylish and functional window dressing. This blind type offers flexible control over light and privacy. Venetian blind is made from metal slats that are operated by a child-safe wound. The wand operation let you fully control the amount of light coming into the room.

All of our Perfect Fit venetian blinds are available in the same colour selection as our regular venetian blinds. The blind comes with a frame available in seven different colours to match your windows. The classic style of venetian blind will look amazing in modern and contemporary interiors. From bright yellow to subtle neutral shades, browse our website to find the colour to suit your style.

Our thermal range is perfect for conservatories and sunny rooms. The special coating on the back of the blind will reflect the sun and keep your room cooler in the summer months.

Perfect Fit venetian blinds are also a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. This blind type is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Perfect fit frames are also easy to take off and clean whenever you need them to.

Perfect Fit venetian blinds are a great blind type to use in various rooms of the house. They are easy to fit and extremely functional. If you need any advice on how to install your perfect fit blinds give us a call at 0800 029 1678 or send us an email at support@yourblindsdirect.co.uk

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