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The Best Blinds For Angled Bay Windows

Oct 01 2021

Bay windows are a popular feature of British houses and are often a focal point of the building. They allow a lot of light in and generally enhance the living space. Bay windows usually consist of a set of 3 windows that either touch each other or have a space in between. Since their structure is different from ‘regular’ windows, it might be difficult for you to decide which blind to choose for that space. That’s why in today’s post we will recommend some of the best blinds that you can use in your bay window to create a stunning effect.

Measuring for Angled Bay Windows

When choosing the right blind for your angled bay window there are a few things that you need to think about first. If your windows are separated by a wall or column then you can use a regular measuring guide. Check it out here. If the space between blinds in the angled part of a window is narrow, you will require a different measuring method.

Available Choices

To start with, think about the type of room where your angled bay windows are placed. Having the right blind type in your space will let you control the amount of light and privacy that you need. If your bay windows are in a bedroom, then it is worth looking at blackout blinds. If the room is in a humid area or where blinds can be splashed by water, then look for a blind made from water resistant materials such as aluminium or faux wood venetians.

When it comes to style, most of our blinds come in various colours and patterns so you should easily find something that will suit your style. If you are not sure how to style your blind we would recommend checking out our Pinterest or Instagram where we feature our products in different interiors.

pink venetian blinds in the bathroom

Captured product: Berry Smoothie Venetian Blind

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Venetian blinds are a great choice for the angled bay windows. You can directly clip them to your frame so the blind looks like is an integral part of the window. Perfect Fit blinds don’t take much space and will allow you to freely open and close your window. They are also easy to operate and completely child safe with no cords or chains to worry about. Our venetian blinds come in a beautiful range of colours to suit your style. If your bay windows are made from PVC windows, then our Perfect Fit Blinds are the best choice that will leave you with a seamless and clutter-free look.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blind is a type of venetian blind made from high-quality PVC composite. They are a great solution for bay windows in humid areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. Faux wood blinds are operated by a simple cord system that gives you amazing control over light and privacy. A timeless design of a faux wood blind will add character to modern and traditional interiors. Depending on your style, you can choose from different shades of a blind. White faux wood blinds such as Sunwood True will look great in light interiors, whereas dark wooden like our Sunwood Lima will draw attention to the window and complement your space.

faux wood blinds in bay window

Captured product: Sunwood Amber Faux Wood Blind

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a stylish choice that will look amazing in bay angled windows. The blind is operated in a similar way to a roller blind but doesn’t require a deep depth. The sophisticated style of this blind will complement modern and traditional interiors. We would recommend fitting your roman blind outside of a window recess so the gap between sides of a blind won’t be very noticeable. Available in a huge number of shades and colours, this blind type is a versatile option that will fit any style.

Roman blinds living room

Captured product: Crosby Rose Roman Blind

Roller blinds will also look great in angled bay windows but they require relatively bigger depth than other blind types. If you like the look of a roller blind, we would recommend choosing a 'reverse roll' to create a space for any window handles. Unlike all the above blind types Roller blinds will leave a gap when blinds are butted up together due to the mechanisms.

red roller blinds in angled bay window

Angled bay windows are a great feature of a house. We hope that with our guide you will be more confident with choosing the right blind for them. If you have any questions or need additional help let us know.

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