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The Best Blinds for Commercial and Home Offices

Aug 16 2021

When it comes to decorating an office space, window blinds are one of the essential items to create a comfortable working environment. A right window blind will let you control the amount of light in the room and stop sun glare so you can easily look at the computer screen. Some blind types will also reduce the outside noises with their insulating qualities. Whether you are looking for a blind for a commercial building or home office this post should help you. We will feature the best blind types for different types of offices and point out some of our favourite products.

Commercial buildings

If you are looking for a window covering for your workplace there are some things that you should consider first. The UK offices require blinds in commercial buildings to be flame retardant, this won’t apply to your home office. Fire-resistant fabrics are manufactured using fire resistant materials or were chemically treated to slow the spread of the flame.  If you are looking for a blind made from fabric resistant to fire look for ‘FR’ in the name (a shortcut for flame retardant). There is also a table featuring all the information about the fabric in the 'additional information section' section under the product page.

Beam Maple Senses Mirage Blind

Captured product: Beam Maple Senses Mirage Blind

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds are great for commercial and home offices because they are affordable and durable. Made from metal, this blind type is easy to clean too. Venetian blinds are extremely functional, giving you great control over the light and privacy in the room. If your workspace tends to easily heat up in the summer months, we would advise our thermal venetian blinds. The special coat in the back of the aluminium slats reflects the sunlight to keep the excess heat out of the room. Lastly, aluminium venetian blinds are a great choice for modern interiors. The stylish design of venetian blind will look amazing in bright office spaces as well as complement your cosy home environment.

Black Aluminium Blinds Your Blinds Direct

Captured product:  Nightshade Venetian Blind

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a popular choice for commercial offices due to their low price and functionality. They are a perfect solution for rooms with large windows. Made up to 3m in width, they are affordable and easy to use. Vertical blinds give you great control over light and privacy. Operated by a child-safe wand or chain they will let you enjoy the outside view while also partly blocking out the sunshine. This blind type is also easy to maintain clean since the dust doesn't tend to stay on vertical slats. Available in a range of fabrics options, from blackout to voile depending on your needs. White vertical blinds used to be associated with offices but now they are available in a wide range of stylish colours to suit any modern home or office.

Orange Vertical Blinds Your Blinds Direct

Captured product: Palette Saffron Vertical Blind

Vision Blinds (Day and Night Blinds)

Vision Blinds (day and night blinds) are another great choice for commercial and home offices. Also known as Senses Mirage, this blind type is great for blocking up the sun glare while still allowing you to see the outside view. The blind is made from two layers of striped fabric that fold back on itself. This blind type is a stylish addition to any room of the house and we would especially recommend it for home offices. The unique design of this blind type will stand out in modern interiors and bring attention to your window.

Home office senses mirage blind

Captured product: Venture Sky Senses Mirage Blind

Roman Blinds

For decorating your home office, we would recommend roman blinds as a stylish addition to your space. The luxurious style of a roman blind will add some elegance to your interior. Roman blinds provide you with optimal light control. The blind is generally operated by a chain in a similar way to a roller blind. When fully raised it lets the light in and pleat elegantly at the top of your window. When lowered it blocks out the majority of the light, as the fabric is the same width as the mechanisum. Roman blinds are made from curtain-like fabric which will not only block out the sunlight but also keep the heat inside in the cold months and reduce the outside noise. Available in over 300 different fabrics to suit your style, browse our website today to find the right one for your home.

Roman Blinds Your Blinds Direct  

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